April 23, 2019

Up for a challenge? Well, I always am and I believe that’s one of the many reasons I love to hunt. Whether it’s the treacherous weather or the birds aren’t committing to the spread, hunting will always challenge me. No hunt is the same and a limit is never a guarantee, but a good time is! I have been a lover of the outdoors since I was a little girl and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be waterfowl hunting. My first time duck hunting was youth opener in Minnesota with my father, brother and grandfather.  I shot my first duck that day and was instantly hooked. Nowadays, duck hunting consumes a large portion of my life and has become the base of many family traditions. 


Every opener is treated like a holiday filled with family and friends. We do a duck dinner the night before MN deer opener and the entire family comes to the hunting shack and we discuss who gets what stand in the morning, while devouring the ducks we killed and cleaned together. 


We do an annual family fish fry for Memorial Day weekend that has been happening for generations (since 1958).


Hunting allows for skills, advice, and traditions to be passed down from generation to generation.  It provides a base of common interest where family and friends make the time in their busy lives to get outdoors and enjoy each others company while being ‘unplugged’ from the world. Thankful to be able to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family making traditions possible and the priceless memories that go along with it! 


By Ella Harrison

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