October 29, 2019

Halloween week is said to be one of the best weeks to be 20 ft up in a tree. Why some people may ask? 


I asked this same question when I was a lot younger, why would I skip going to get candy to go sit in the woods to wait for a deer? Now I know why, after hunting this week for the last 8 years it has proven its self to me. The weather patterns are changing, which mean the deer are either pre-rut or early rut. This means you can become much more aggressive with your tactics to kill Mr. Big or in my case kill MOOSE. 


Where do you start? Start out by going into your areas and searching for buck sign, ground scrapes, tree scrapes & doe bedding areas. When finding this sign you want to set your stand a little ways away and make sure to sit it on the correct wind. Be looking for fresh scrapes as during this time they should not be too old. Think back to the last couple years you have hunted these areas and where you have seen sign, a lot of these mature bucks will not stray far from where you have seen sign or even them. One last tip is if you know your buck is locked down on a doe, find out where that doe is traveling and set up on that. Don't blow it out or you may blow out Mr. Big. 


This week we will be targeting different bedding areas, travel corridors & heavy buck sign areas. These tactics are going to be aggressive, as we will be penetrating one of MOOSES main bedding areas, but it could pay off with big dividends. When you are hunting buck bedding areas know it can pay off huge, but know that you can also blow out the entire area..... In my eyes it is a risk worth taking when hunting your target bucks. I know this was short & sweet but I hope you find this as valuable during your whitetail chasin' this week! 
Happy hunting! Stay tuned for our Halloween week adventures down on Dahl Creek Farms. 


Co-Owner - Jorgen Dahl 


[Image for this blog is a trail cam photograph of MOOSE, a deer we've been chasing on DCF over the past 6 years.]

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