September 15, 2022 1 Comment

As we discussed where we were going to head for early goose opener this year we decided to go somewhere we had never been. The good ole NoDak! Crazy to think we had never been over there after years of hunting in South Dakota. 
We loaded up early Friday morning heading 5 hours from home to some new territory with a great group of guys and planning to meet some new ones. As we arrived at our hunting cabin we rented we quickly realized it was truly a hunting cabin. We had to purchase some portable AC units since it did not have one and it was going to be 90 degrees. Let me tell you what, we were happy we did that! As we got settled we met up with the group of North Dakota boys that were going to be showing us around. After coming up with a scouting plan we were off to put on miles and check fields.
Throughout the night seeing some small feeds and not many birds flying, our sails were deflating as it was not what we expected. As the sun continued to go down we were praying to come up on something worth while at this point, hoping to find anything above 50+ birds to hunt. As we are having that oh shit moment we get a call, “Boys we are locked and loaded with a field of 250+ in it! We have access!” We were fired up and at the same point Relo calls asking for an update and I was so happy to give him the good news! After getting back to the cabin and getting a game plan together we were off to bed.
Just like that we were fast asleep and up again by 3:30am to head to the fields. As the decoys get set, the boys were buzzin'! We started to hear some honks and just then, at about 10 minutes before shooting time, we have a two pack come land about 50 yards from us. Man did we think we were in for a treat of a morning, but that was not the case. The birds did not feed that morning and we ended up shooting around 10 birds. It was a blast to see my little cousin lay into his first flock and to see his reaction which is what it’s all about! 
The weekend continued with early season activity of geese that were not consistent and all in small feeds. Throughout weekends like this there are always learning moments. First, it is not always about killing a limit but more about the memories we created being in a new place with new friends, having a new hunter in the field and the laughs that will continue for a lifetime! The next is being able to put on more miles than you want to, as the more we scouted & found new territory the more birds we would find but our time ran out. Lastly, always remember time in the field with friends, family & your dogs is always worth it even if you don’t kill a limit! 
Have a safe season! 
Co-Owner - Jorgen Eiken Dahl 

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