January 17, 2019

During today’s blog, I would like to share the history of our company and what we have planned for our future. We’re excited to see and hear everyone’s stories as well as share some of our own. Hunting and fishing are our obsession, and we’re striving to turn your passion into an obsession too.

Devon Noehring and myself, Jorgen Dahl, crossed paths as just two young guns through as similar passion. I wanted to help him out any way I could and what came from that was two like-minded people with similar visions, trying to accomplish the same dream. That dream being to take our outdoor experience to the next level.

Conservation of wildlife and fisheries is one of our main goal. With that being said, here at River Brothers, we will donate a minimum of 2% of each sale back into the local conservation of our beautiful land and wildlife. There are many companies sticking money back into conservation, but not enough doing so locally here in the Midwest. On top of that, we want to instill the same passion and traditions that we had growing up into today’s youth. The youth is the future of hunting and fishing, and the wildlife here in the Midwest, as well as across the world. Assuring we as outdoorsmen and women, keep the legendary traditions of hunting and the outdoors going for years and years to come.

We’ve had quite a few people ask what the significance behind the name “River Brothers”. “Is our gear going to be focused on the habitat and situations you may find yourself in around a river?” Not exactly. Our name, River Brothers, signifies our history and where the ‘Legendary Traditions’, that we so often talk about, originally started for some of us. We hope you, our fans and customersl, are able to make connections to our brand and re-surface the traditions, memories and core reasons of why you love the outdoors.

Furthermore, we are coming out with new concepts in products that we aspire to separate us from the rest, as well as quality gear at a price everyone can afford! We can’t wait to share everything with you guys. We plan on attending the following events in Minnesota, and the list keeps growing. We hope to see you there!

- St. Cloud Sportsmens Show

- Eelpout Festival // Stay tuned for a limited-edition product in which might only be available there!

- MN Deer & Turkey Classic – St. Paul

Stay up to date on new products such as hats, clothing and much more. Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for current apparel updates as well as pictures and videos of our adventures along the way.

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