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Whether you’re all alone in a tree stand chasing the big one on the trail cam, or in the 12 foot Jon boat with a couple buddies giggling like a school-girl when the birds lock up and start shakin’ like a leaf, hunting for me is all about the journey that comes along with it. 
Waterfowl hunting has grown on me more and more every year. The journey that comes with this is more short term, it’s a solid 3 1/2 months of grinding it out but on a good year you’re hunting a different group of birds day in and day out. You better be ready to put the miles on your vehicle, scouting is a must and that’s a perfect opportunity for all the boys to round up and fill the vehicle. Scouting your kill the night before is one of my favorite sights. Park in an approach with a six pack of beer, sitting on the tailgate and watching the magic happen and you’ll be lying if you said you weren’t having fun. And now the pregame fun is all said and done, the following morning takes forever to come. 
My all time favorite is watching whitetail deer work a field, creek bottom, or 40 acres of woods. Deer hunting in general is rarely ever easy, but with a bow in hand, it almost never is. Deer hunting for me is all about the challenge, and that’s why I love bow hunting. The journey that comes with this style of hunting is more long term. You’re not watching hundreds of different deer over a course of a few days, you set your focus on a select few “target deer” and work all season to never sell for anything short. This means you won’t go every year tagging out, but the many years that you do, you feel a special accomplishment, you got your mature deer in one of the most challenging ways, that may have taken 20+ sits, but you finally got the job done. 
By Brady Meyer

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Cameron Sundmark
Cameron Sundmark

April 17, 2019

Gives me goosebumps!!!

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