April 08, 2019

The traditions of hunting and fishing carry more weight than the actual harvest.  It's making it a point to see your old buddies every year.  It's shootin' the shit while shootin' clays; it's watching all of the dogs work the field and enjoying every minute of it; it's enjoying that drink of whiskey while admiring the trophies on the wall and reminiscing over the pictures from the hunts before.  Hunting isn't about the harvest and what you take home for the table, it's about what you take home for the heart, mind, and soul that gets you through the year.

There's no prescription that can give you what the outdoors can.  It can't give you the excitement of the unknown of what you might pull out of the water or what might be around the next tree.  As a kid I didn't spend my Saturday morning on the couch watching cartoons, you would find me with the BB gun in hand walking through the trees and cornfields just looking to see what I would find whatever it could be.

The traditions of hunting and fishing can't go on without people to carry them out. It is as much of a tradition to get the younger generation involved with the outdoors.  It's important to take them to a farm pond stocked full of fish or a lake shore to shoot divers on a sunny morning.  We need kids to enjoy the outdoors if the traditions of hunting and fishing can go on and they must go on for the hearts, the minds, and the souls.


- Andrew Krier

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