May 07, 2019

Growing up in the country had its benefits because I was naturally pulled to the outdoors. Hunting and fishing became my favorite things to do at a young age. While others were playing video games and playing sports, I was in a tree stand, on the edge of a lake, in the boat, or planning my next adventure. 


Hunting has become a passion, not just a hobby. I grew up in a hunting family and bow hunting for whitetails was my main love. I could not see a year of my life without it. There was always the drive to put one in the freezer, then search for that timber ghost that so few see. With a uncle that has countless trophy whitetails on his wall, I wanted that too. I have pursued just that, and when I go out into one of my stands, I find it is a time of not only the pursuit, but a time that time stands still. I many times find myself praying a lot and listening to Gods creation that He made us. Hunting is like the air in my lungs, I couldn’t do life without it. 


Fishing came on early as a passion, also. Growing up with friends that loved the outdoors as well, meant that there were very few weeks without a get together to fish or hunt. Fishing was something that I desired to do consistently! If it meant riding my bike to the creek down my road or begging one of my parents to take me to a local lake, no matter what, I wanted to be near water. I have turned my passion into the next level and I am pursing it professionally because I love it so much and I find joy in the next bite. You know you have found your love, when you set the hook on a 6lb bass or a 10lb Walleye and your heart starts to about beat out of your chest. Not sure what I would do if I didn’t have hunting and fishing. 


I feel God has given us the right to do these things, why not do it for his glory! 


- Jamison Seiffert

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