May 20, 2019

Traditions vary from every hunter, angler and outdoor enthusiast. One thing that we all have in common is that these traditions are most certainly legendary. 

I’m sure you can think of at least one aspect to fishing opener, deer season, weekends out in the marsh waterfowl hunting or wherever the outdoors take you, that seams to carry over from season to season, and has been from generation to generation. Whether it’s the post hunt-morning breakfast gathering at a local diner near deer camp, if you’re even close enough to a diner, the entertaining story sharing around the campfire or whatever they are for you. These small details within our experiences as a whole are one of the biggest factors of why we love what we do.

We wanted to capture these Legendary Traditions in our products and to make them a major part of our brand because we truly believe that they alone can keep hunting, fishing and the outdoors in our bloodlines as Americans from every generation to the next. Introducing our young ones into the lifestyle that our own pops showed us the many years before. Giving individuals the opportunity to be involved and part of the memories that are made just might be enough to stick with them for a lifetime.

There are two types of hunters/anglers. The one that is there for the hunt or fish, whom makes it out to the woods, blind or onto the water no matter the circumstances. Then there’s the guy on the other side of the spectrum, that is there solely because of the Legendary Traditions that have been forged over the years and generations. Here at River Brothers Outfitters, no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum, you’re always welcome into our family. We live for the hunt and thrive off of the #LegendaryTraditions.


  • Devon Noehring // Founder

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