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Whether pitching jigs for shallow springtime walleyes, watching ducks whistle overhead through the pre-dawn darkness, or sitting down for a meal of venison from the fall harvest with family and friends, the outdoors plays an integral part of my everyday life. 

As seasons change in the Upper Midwest, new opportunities are presented to outdoor enthusiasts like myself. From a very young age, I spent as much time as possible in our natural world enjoying God’s creation through hunting and fishing. As the years progressed, that same passion grew and has molded the person I am today.

The anticipation of a successful day afield or on the water is what drives me and consumes my daily thoughtsI find myself spending countless hours researching during the offseason to help tip the odds in my favor. As seasons approach, careful planninand strategic thinking are a must to maximize efficiency and to overcome any potential challenges I may face

Although harvesting game tends to overshadow many of the reasons we hunt and fish, it’s the memories I’ve made and the commodore with others I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Sitting in the tree stand with my dad for the first time tops my list, and although the trigger was never pulled it was a day I’ll never forget. Others such as trips with friends to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or our family’s trip to the cabin for walleye opener are the times we laugh about and look forward to every year.

My love for the outdoors has spilled into my professional career and I’ve been fortunate enough to land a job with Clam Outdoors. This position has allowed me to create a network within the industry that was always a dream of mine. I’m able to talk fishing every day while working beside people who are just as excited about the sport as I am. I’ve even had the privilege to take trips to destination fisheries such as Lake of the Woods and Lake Winnipeg through my job.

I’m extremely grateful for the many experiences I’ve had in the outdoors, but also am looking forward to seeing where this road will take me.


By: Mark Sandquist

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Cole Neeser
Cole Neeser

March 25, 2019

This is awesome. I love hearing about peoples’ experiences and stories in the outdoors.

Cameron Sundmark
Cameron Sundmark

March 18, 2019

This is awesome, Mark! Thanks for your submission and for sharing your story with us. – Cameron

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