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Some say there's not much to do in the plains of North Dakota, I beg to differ. Growing up in the south east corner of the state each season brought a new adventure. Bird and whitetail hunting in the fall. Ice fishing with an occasional game of cards in the ice house during winter and fishing trips with the guys in the summer.

This brings up a tradition I would like to share with you. Every June a close group of seven friends and I would round up our dads and go fishing over fathers day weekend, three fun filled days of bottom bouncing the Missouri River north of Pollock, SD. We kept the tradition alive for five years in a row, it got tough as we all finished school and went on with our careers but I guarantee none of us will forget those memories we made during that time.

Most of the memories I have growing up involve the outdoors. It plays such an important role in my life and those around me that I will be forever grateful for the experiences it has and will give me.

Charlie Hermes

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February 08, 2021

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Cameron Sundmark
Cameron Sundmark

March 25, 2019

Love hearing stories from different states, thanks for sharing!

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