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Being in the outdoors is a way for me to escape reality, spend time with great friends and family, and also gives me the opportunity to meet and introduce people to something they may have never done before. 
My drive and passion all started when I was just a young boy.  I spent many weekends at my moms uncles lake house in northern Minnesota, fishing nearly every minute I spent there. Chuckin’ spinnerbaits for bass in the paddle boat and trolling big stick baits for big trophy walleyes had me hooked on what would soon be just a start to awesome memories, and unforgettable moments as the years progressed.
As I grew older, I began to meet more people and make more connections throughout the fishing industry that I am truly grateful for.  I spent lots of time fishing with new friends and learning as much as possible during my outings. I truly think that without all my friends in fishing community around me supporting and educating me about the sport I love so much, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 
In my recent years, I have been asked to join a group of highly skilled anglers across our state of Minnesota, Team Yukon Outdoors. This opportunity was truly a blessing to me, as I am able to meet even more people who share the same passion I do for fishing. Spending time traveling with the guys, going to lakes I’ve only dreamed of fishing, and meeting and fishing with some of my biggest idols growing up as a young boy is really a dream come true. 
I continue to involve myself in various events in my fishing community, learning still, but also sharing my knowledge I have gained over my years with people who are new to the sport and willing to learn. Teaching other people is something that I’ve really learned to enjoy, catching fish is still a whole lot of fun but seeing someone hook up into something for the first time is a feeling like non other for me. 
I am very excited and anxious to see where this road leads me as I continue to progress my passion for fishing.
- Cody Krug

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April 23, 2019

Krug is the man!!

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